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Insurance Agent


Welcome to HomeSpaStudio! First you'll fill out the consent form. Right after we'll examine the shape and color of your brows or lips. Go through multiple pictures to be on the same page. While answering all your questions at the same time.

Green Eyes and Makeup


At this point, we'll clean and sanitize the brow or lip area for pre - draw. Using measuring tools we'll design a custom shape for you. Once you approve the design and the pigment color we'll apply the first numbing agent and wait for 20 minutes.

Permanent Eyebrows

Procedure time

Now your brow or lip transformation begins. Using all sterile and disposable tools we start the first application. Depending on the procedure, we'll apply the secondary numbing and move on the second application. After this you are ready for the reveal.

Closed Eye


Yay you did it, you are ready for the world! You will receive careful instructions on how to take care of your brows or lips. It is vital that you follow your aftercare for the best results and retention. 50% of the healed results depends on how diligently you follow the aftercare.

Untitled design.png

I'm ready for my new brows!

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